Maracatu Masters Nation

On Sunday 7 November 2010, Sol Samba hosted a Maracatu Masters Nation workshop at St Nicholas’ Primary School in Oxford. We were honoured to learn from the musical directors of three of the most historic, respected naçãos: Mestre Afonso from Maracatu Nação Leao Coroado (Nation of the Crowned Lion); Mestre Gilmar from Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante de Igarassu (Shining Star of Igarassu Nation); and Mestre Arlindo from Maracatu Nação Cambinda Africano (Cambinda Africano Nation).

Thanks very much to Mariana Pinho from Gandaia Arts for making this happen.

Sol Samba learns to play “Vem Ver” with Mestre Gilmar of Maracatu Estrella Brillihante de Igarassu

Mestre Gilmar (Igarassu), Mestre Arlindo (Cambinda Africano) and Mestre Afonso (Leao Coroado)