Education Workshops

Carnival Arts, Dance and Percussion

If your school or community group would like to experience a taste of something new whilst learning new skills in art and dance, we can tailor a package to your needs.

Sarah Hyams Sol Samba dance workshop


  1. Brazilian dance: this can be run as an after-school club, as part of the PE curriculum or a one-off session to complement a project. Suggested time: 1 hour (minimum). Fee: £45.
  2. Brazilian dance with costume- and mask-making. Suggested time: 3 hours per dance and making session. Fee: £100.
  3. Carnival art: the making of masks, costumes and instruments. Suggested time: 1.5 hours (minimum) for after-school club or embedded in a school project or curriculum. Fee: £60 per session.
  4. Brazil day or carnival day: enjoy the music and dance of carnival – a day’s experience in the dance and art of carnival. Fee: £200.
  5. Artist-in-residence: a week’s experience of carnival. This package can offer something for everyone: carnival dance, costumes, banners, instruments, masks, lanterns, stories and film! Fee for 1 week’s residency: £600.


Girl wearing carnival mask


Percussion workshops in tandem with the dance or just percussion with one of Sol Samba’s talented drum teachers. We provide the instruments and can provide tailor-made sessions to suit your needs. Percussion prices are the same rate as dance.


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For more information about dance call Sarah on 07854 669 717 or email

For percussion call Rob on 07583 111 042 or email