Brazilian Music & Community

Essential links and tools for the samba community in Oxford and beyond.

Descriptions of styles of Brazilian music we play:

Samba Rio:

Samba reggae:


The samba community
The UK Centre for Carnival Arts – a forum for the carnival community.

Samba schools and bands
Formed in January 1984, the London School of Samba was the first samba school in the UK.
Based in London, Paraíso School of Samba has artistic directors who grew up in the Rio de Janeiro samba community.

Tribo is an international non-profit cross-cultural drumming and dance music project whose philosophy aims to educate young children and adults encouraging their creativity.
A popular and influential Rio band that incorporates different rhythms and musical styles to the beat of samba.
Dutch samba band established in 2006.

Maracatu Estrela do Norte, a London-based group with close links to Sol. We play together at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul, a Brighton-based drumming, singing and dancing group formed in 2007.

Local links
Group Abolição Oxford trains Regional Capoeira.
Since its beginning in 2001, the Cowley Road Carnival has grown to be one of Oxfordshire’s major cultural events. A celebration of the diversity of East Oxford, the Carnival is a rainbow of colour, with procession and a wide range of local and national musical talent. Sol Samba feature in many of these carnival photos and videos.

Learning tools
Direct your own bateria! This great animation lets you control the drum section from a Rio samba school. A fun way to learn about the different samba instruments and how they interact with each other.